31.4.0 Hazards of Ventilators in Treating Covid-19 Patients


Hazards of Ventilators in Treating Covid-19 Patients      
Mohammad Iqbal Adil

Member Editorial Board / Consultant Surgeon, NHS, UK



Serious doubts have been raised about the effectiveness of ventilators.

In New York 85% patients on ventilators died. In China early in 2020, 95% people on ventilators died.

Ventilator was considered to be a treatment for the deadly lung infection pneumonia as used in China and then in Europe, Britain and USA.

Dr Cameron Kyle Sidell, New York A/E doctor had broken ranks with the medical establishment and warned it was wrong to use ventilators in such patients.

Now experts are thinking about saving patients by saturating their bloods with oxygen delivered through a mask (non invasive) technique without using ventilators as an invasive technique which has high mortality rate .

This is approach used for Boris Johnson when he was admitted in St. Thomas hospital London. 

Mat Hancock said Uk need 1500 ventilators.

With the number to 30,000.

Donald Trump, said we need more ventilators etc.

Death rate for those treated on ventilators is devastating.

In one British study of 98 Covid patients who were treated with ventilators the mortality was 80%, Reported by Intensive care National Audit and Research Centre.

In New York. Which has been hit particularly hard by the virus, 80% of ventilated patients failed to recover. Loss in other countries are also terrifying.

Dr David Farcy, the president of the American Academy of Emergency Medicine warns against the use of ventilators indiscriminately.

In Covid-19 patient struggle for O2 but they are not like pneumonia.

Dr Kyle Sidell said  it is some sort of viral disease resembling high altitude sickness “ . He said “ patients I am seeing as fallen off from high altitude to 30,000 feet or decelerations from the Mount Everest . They don’t look like dying from pneumonia “ .

Muscles of the Covid -19 are fine compare to the pneumonia patient.

Dr. Luciano Gattinoni of Germany’s medical University of Gittingen supported him. In a letter to the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicibe, Dr Gattinoni warned that conventional use of ventilators may injure the lungs of Covid - 19 victims.

In one of the European Hospital where virus patients were ventilated in this way, 80 % of them died .

Into the fray Professor Sharif Sultan , the Ireland based president of vascular surgery said Covid 19 patient doesn’t resemble pneumonia or similar respiratory ailment. We need to stop treating patients with ventilators for the wrong disease.

He summarises his analysis in Medical research into virus.

He added Covid19 attacks both lungs at the same time which is different than pneumonia. 

Nick name of this disease is happy hypoxia !

One of the distinctive feature of Covid-19 is the way a yellow mucous gunk clogs the millions of tiny air sacs lining the lungs.

This means however hard the ventilator push oxygen into the lungs, that oxygen cannot get through the mucous barrier and into body. Thus makes patient starved of O2.

Ventilators causes barrow trauma and pneumothorax . Older patients who survive are at the risk of permanent brain damage because of heavy sedation for long time.

Thus all explains why death rate is quite high in patient on the Ventilators .

In China and USA the death rate in patients on Ventilators is 90%.

One of the tragically high fatality rate is Dr Muriak Gillick, a geriatric and palliative Care unit, Harvard university school Massachusetts, USA.

Patients with bacterial pneumonia may be on a ventilator for no more than a day or two . But  it’s common in Corona patients to be on ventilators for 7, 10 and 15 days and they are passing away said, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo when asked in a News Break.



Non invasive technique with O2 cannula or CEPAP is better for such atypical pneumonia of Unkown cause.

Use of Ventilators are catastrophic due to barrow trauma to the lungs. However, only 3-4 % patients with critical condition would require ventilators but their chance of survival is remote.