31.8.0 Mishandling of the Recent COVID-19 Pandemics in the World

Editorial         Mishandling of the Recent COVID-19
                            Pandemics in the World

Mohammad Iqbal Adil
General, Colorectal & Breast & Laparoscopic Surgeon, UK (Member Advisory Board)




Government of U.K. put complete lockdown on 23 March after recommendations of the SAGE, U.K. (Scientific advisory group of emergencies UK) which resulted in devastating impacts on the public personal and social lives and collapsed the economy to 14% which is equal to three centuries.

Serious mishandling of the health care system deprived of millions of patients waiting for their investigations and treatment. Two third of the elderly people in the nursing homes died due to COVID 19 related or other ongoing health issues.

Vast number of elderly patients admitted in U.K. hospitals were transferred to the nursing and elderly care homes as a result of total lockdown and expected admission of the patients due to with the COVID -19 in the hospitals as advised by the SAGE.

But it turned out to be “once in a century evidence fiasco “with devastating effects on the public personal & social lives, business, education, health and health services and economy.

NHS England sent alerts to all the Country wide Trusts and health organisation to over 1000 Trusts & Private hospitals in U.K.

Surprisingly the rate of admission was not dramatically as large as expected and advised by the SAGE group of scientists in U.K. resulting 60-70 beds in all hospitals and trusts lying vacant which resulted a serious waste of resources and time.

This has been detrimental to the millions of sick and unwell patients waiting for their investigations and treatments which was kept on hold during the period of the lockdown.

According to the NHS figures the waiting list of patients waiting for their investigations and treatments in January 2020 was 2.7 million patients and out of that 780,000 patients were on 18/52 wait rule in U.K.

Due to lockdown and restriction on public figures of patients waiting for their investigations and treatment is 5 millions in U.K. and NHS would require 5 years to clear the lot with the good infra structure .

The infection fatality rate, remarkably, Dr John Ioannidis says for people younger than age 45, the infection fatality rate is ZERO !!! And, for people age 45 to 70, the infection fatality rate is probably about 0.05-0.3%, historically similar to other seasonal respiratory viruses.

However, fatality rate for frail nursing home patients may be as high as 25%.

Test positive / negative people

RT-PCR, blood tests , CT scan

False impression of test positive who are actually not infected unless they get serious symptoms which requires isolation to admission depending on their symptoms. RT-PCR has 60-80% of false positive and 40-50 % false negative. It means false positive may not be true positive and false negative may not be true negatives.

We now live in a polarized society of two types of people. On one hand we have people obediently watching the nightly news who believe what they hear and see on the television. These people are fearful of viruses and want government protection with "security measures" that coincidentally abolish constitutional rights and liberties.

On the other hand, there are people who are not fearful, and who do not watch the nightly news. These people do not want government protection from a virus with the far reaching effects on their personal, family and employment lives.

These people want the government to stop interfering in their right to work and make a living to support their families. They want to have their constitutional rights and liberties restored.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there were 2,813,503 registered deaths in the United States in 2017. The age-adjusted death rate, which accounts for the aging population, is 731.9 deaths per 100,000 people in the U.S. This is an increase of 0.4% over 2016's death rate. 4 Jul 2019.

Health services have been treating only Corona Virus (COVID-19) and nothing else which caused the neglect of the patients other than corona virus for their investigations and treatment. That why, I think the recent pandemic has not been addressed properly.

Treatment options for COVID-19 should have been debated and spoken about among the medical colleagues and experts.

The governments and world leaders across the world should have had a round table debate and discussion with the experienced health professionals to find the best possible way of treatment, guidelines and SOPs for the public health issues.

Face masks are helpful while someone is coughing or have severe chest infection to protect others. They are also useful during surgical or medical procedures by the health professionals to protect patients.  Face masks are most beneficial during the pandemic Covid-19.

There were few number of patients with COVID-19 require ITU admission and ventilations.



I believe on equality, justice, mutual respect, equal opportunity regardless of colour, race, religion, language, individuality. Nobody should be discriminated on the basis of rich or poor with abundant or limited resources.

Many people are underprivileged and in disadvantaged but we need to support them in their difficult time.

We should be standing on the basis of the humanity without any monetary or political gain.

We are here neither to play down the virus nor any political gain but we are here to look into the far reaching effects of the virus and lockdown causing serious atrocities across the world.

We need to reassure public in UK and across the world to reassure, support their health, employments to reduce poverty, recommence business and trade to boast the crippling economy and students to get back to their school to resume their education.

We all are born equal from Adam, all are brothers and sisters. We have to protect everyone.

Online education, online shopping, online medical treatment, online business, online congresses and online meetings, online college and universities are preferable mode in this senerio.  

Mishandling of the recent COVID -19 pandemics in the world resulted in serious health, economical crisis, social and mental issues due to the lockdown.

A critical approach for future learning is necessary to learn a good lesson.

It’s the duty of the world leaders, governments, politicians and the health professionals to get public out of overwhelming fear, anxiety and depression in the given circumstances.

I appreciate brave men and women and the health professionals standing up for their freedom, liberty and fundamental across the world. If we are worried about the mortality rate from a virus, just think about this and compare with the above figures which reflects the mortality rate every year.