Med. Forum, Vol. 31, No.5 May, 2020

MED. FORUM, VOL. 31, NO.5 MAY, 2020









Nutritious Value of Garlic

Moshin Masud Jan

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Imipenem Hope and Threat From Carbapenemase Enzyme Producing Multi-Drug Resistant (MDR) Klebsiella Pneumoniae 
1. Qandeel Abbas Soomro 2. Inayatullah Memon 3. Ghulam Abbas Soomro 4. Shahzad Ali Jiskani 5. Azizullah Khan Dhiloo 6. Rufaina Shah

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Role of Harmonic Scalpel Versus Conventional Haemostasis Among Patients Undergoing Total Thyroidectomy
1. Fida Buzdar 2. Muhammad Azim Khan 3. Majeed Ullah Buzdar 4. Imran Asim
5. Hafeez Ullah Laghari 6. Rizwan Ahmad

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Frequency of Residual Tumor on Redo Transurethral Resection of Bladder (TURB) and Its Impact on Management of Non Muscle Invasive Bladder Cancer
1. Jameel Ahmad 2. Abdul Ghaffar 3. Atta ur Rehman 4. Umar Ghaffar 5. Zainab Javeed

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Comparison of Success of Palatal Rotation Flap versus Buccal Advancement Flap for Closure of Oroantral Fistula
Muhammad Aamir 2. Farhad Ali 3. Arshad Abbas 4. Muslim Khan 5. Tahir Ullah Khan

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Alterations in the Serum Lipoproteins of Primiparous Females Suffering from Eclampsia and its Comparison with Normal Pregnant Females
Afia Alam 2. Arfa Alam Buzdar 3. Tehreem Alam Buzdar

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Frequency of Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C Seropositivity Among Repeatedly Transfused Thalassemic Children
1. Amna Mateen 2. Raja Imtiaz Ahmed 3. Muhammad Abdul Quddus 4. Rizwan Saeed Kiani
5. Sheikh M Taqqi Anwar

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Urethral Catheterization, Still a Dilemma!!
1. Muhammad Khalid 2. Amjad Ali Siddiqui 3. Muhammad Asif 4. Muhammad Zulfiqar Anjum
5. Muhammad Hammad Hassan

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Study of Estimation of Height By Measuring Foot Length
1. Muhammad Asif 2. Azhar Masud Bhatti 3. Tanveer Hussain 4. Zubia 5. Sadaf Nadir

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Role of Open Surgical Release of A1 Pulley (Annular) in Treatment of Trigger Finger of Hand
Muhammad Arif 2. Muhammad Asif 3. Nasreen Hamid 4. Rizwan Anwar
5. Mohammad Abdul Hanan

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Role of Corticosteroid Injection (Methyl Prednisolone Acetate) 40 mg in Treatment of De Quervain’s Disease of Wrist
1. Muhammad Asif 2. Muhammad Arif 3. Muhammad Omer Farooq Tanveer 4. Tanveer Haider
5. Rizwan Anwar 6. Mohammad Abdul Hanan

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Immunomodulatory Effects of Aloe Vera on Skin of BCG Vaccinated Albino Rats
1. Huma Riaz 2. Aisha Akbar 3. Maria Ilyas 4. Mariam Saad

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Impact of Nuchal Cord on Perinatal Outcome and Mode of Delivery - A Survey at Tertiary Care Hospital
Shereen Sukhan 2. Drakhshan Nauman 3. Nadia Saif 4. Faiza Saghir 5. Fareeha Farooq

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Comparison of Efficacy and Safety of Nifedipine Versus Beta-Sympathomimetics for Suppression of Preterm Labour
1. Drakhshan Nauman 2. Nadia Saif 3. Shereen Sukhan 4. Faiza Saghir 5. Fareeha Farooq
6. Maryam Rashid

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The Outcomes of Liver Abscess, in A Tertiary Care Unit
1. Sajid Hussain 2. Junaid Cheema 3. Fatima Zulfiqar

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Comparison Between Topical and Intravenous Xylocaine on Pharyngo-Laryngeal Complications in Breast Surgery Patients
1. Muhammad Shazad 2. Syed Muhammad Nadeem

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Association of Lemon Sign of Fetal Skull With Spina Bifida
1. Shams Munir 2. Ayesha Shams 3. Nasreen Hamid 4. Kamran Hamid 5. Muhammad Sabir

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Frequency of Depression Among Medical Students of Medical Colleges
1. Adil Afridi 2. Zainab Nawaz 3. Shakeel Asif

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Comparison of Outcomes Between Antibiotics Treatments Versus Appendectomy Patients With Uncomplicated Acute Appendicitis
1. Jehangir Khan 2. Muhammad Kashif 3. Ramzan 4. Muhammad Bilal

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Determine the Frequency of Surgical Wound Infection in Patients Undergoing Elective and Emergency Abdominal Surgery
1. Muhammad Kashif 2. Jehangir Khan 3. Ziaullah 4. Muhammad Bilal

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