Med. Forum, Vol. 31, No.6 June, 2020




MED. FORUM, VOL. 31, NO.6 JUNE, 2020






Beneficial Effects of Ginger

Moshin Masud Jan

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Diagnostic Efficacy of Ovarian Fluid Cytology in the Identification of Ovarian Tumors in Adolescents and Young Adults
1. Aisha Akbar 2. Huma Riaz 3. NosheenNabi4. Nazia Khan 5. Mehreen Mushtaq
6. Ahmareen Khalid
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Complications of LigasureTM Haemorrhoidectomy: An Experience of 144 Cases
1. Tariq Rashid 2. Umar Farooq 3. Mahwish Rabia
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Correlation Between Ultrasonic Estimated Fetal Weight and Acute Birth Weight of Neonate in Pakistan
1. Zafar Tanveer Ahmed 2. Saima Ameer 3. Nighat Haroon Khan 4. Saira Bilal
5. Madeeha Tanveer Khan 6. Fareeha Tanveer

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Autologous Blood Injection for the Treatment of Recurrent Temporomandibular Joint Dislocation
1. Muhammad Aamir2. Farhad Ali 3. Muslim Khan 4. Ishtiaq Ali Khan5. Umar Khan
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Hypovitaminosis D: Association of Clinical Disease with Risk Factors and Attributes in Adult Patients
1. Humaira Achakzai 2. Shahzada Imran Khan 3. Shahzada Bakhtyar Zahid 4. Atif Ibrahim
5. Hammad Shah 6. Muhammad Yasin 7. Momena Faryal
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Functional Outcomes of Open Reduction and Internal Fixation in Patients with Acetabular Fractures
1. Zulfiqar Ahmed 2. Muhammad Imran Haider3. Muhammad Iqbal Buzdar
4. Muhammad Badar-ud-Din Zafir 5. Muhammad Asim Munir Qureshi 6. Sajid Javed
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Role of Tobacco in Laryngeal Carcinoma
1. Javeed Qureshi 2. ShafiqurRehman 3. Saeed Razi 4. Irfan Haider
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First Metatarsophalangeal Joint Arthrodesis Using Flat Cut Technique and Fixing With Staples: A Review of Outcome
1. Muhammed Ahmed Mansoor 2. Muhammad Ehtesham Siddiqui
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To Study the Efficacy of Racecadotril for Treatment of Acute Watery Diarrhea in Children
1. Nafees Khan 2. Muhammad Qasim Khan 3. KiramatUllah4. Muhammad Fazil 5. Ammad Ali
6. Rifayat Ullah Afridi
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Comparison of Glyceral Trinitrate (GTN) Paste Application and Lateral Sphincterotomy in Chronic Anal Fissure Management
1. Rehan Anwar Qureshi 2. Imran Idris Butt 3. Mian Mansoor
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Comparative Study of Soft Tissue Infections of Upper Limb in Diabetics and Non Diabetics
1. Muhammad Qasim Butt 2. Muhammad Abdul Hannan 3. Mehwish 4. Komal Hussain
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Role of Duoderm (Hydrocolloid) Dressings in Bed Sores
1. Imran Idrees Butt 2. Rehan Anwar Qureshi 3. Munawar Nadeem 4. Mian Mansoor
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Unmet Need of Contraception
1. Abdul Rahman 2. Muhammad Akram Saeed 3. Nasreen Hamid
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Comparison Between Alcohol Application Versus Dry Cord Care
1. Iftikhar Ahmed 2. Saba HaiderTarar3. Madieha Tariq4. Waseem Ahmed Khan
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Right Ventricle Perforation in Permanent Pacemakers Implantation
1. Bakhtawar Shah 2. Shahab Saidullah 3. Muhammad Fareed Khan 4. Mehboob ur Rehman
5. Nisar Ahmed 6. Saeed Ahmed
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