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  3. 13. Knowledge of Physicians of Tertiary Care Hospitals of Peshawar about Schizophrenia
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13. Knowledge of Physicians of Tertiary Care Hospitals of Peshawar about Schizophrenia

1. Abdul Latif Mahesar 2. Habib-ur-Rehman 3. Irshad Nabi 4. Muhammad Ishaq

1. Assoc. Prof. of Pharmacology, 2. Assoc. Prof. of Medicine, 3. Asstt. Prof. of Community Medicine, 

4. Prof. of Surgery, Jinnah Medical College Peshawar 


Objectives: To assess knowledge of physicians of tertiary care hospitals of Peshawar about schizophrenia. 

Study Design: Cross Sectional

Place and Duration of Study: This study was carried out at Lady Reading Hospital, Khyber Teaching Hospital and Hayatabad Medical Complex, Peshawar from 10/09/2009 to 10/10/2010.

Materials and Methods: It was cross sectional study conducted at tertiary care hospitals of Peshawar from 10th September to 2009 to 10th September 2010. 100 Physicians were asked to answer a Performa consisting of two portions namely, General Information and knowledge about Schizophrenia.

Results: Ninety Six percent of the physicians who participated in the study were males while four percent were female. Out of 100 physicians, 2% treated more than 10 patients annually, 3% treated 6-9 patients, 12% treated 3-5 patients and 13% treated 1-2 patients annually while 70% physicians didn’t treat any diagnosed case of schizophrenia in a year. 6% of the physician diagnosed more than 5 new cases, 18% diagnosed 3-5 new cases and

42% diagnoses 1-2 new cases annually while 34% didn’t diagnose any new case in year’s time. 44% of physician had good knowledge about schizophrenia while 56% had poor knowledge. 

Conclusion: Most of the physicians have poor knowledge about schizophrenia.

Key Words: Schizophrenia, Knowledge, Physician