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  3. 19. Success of Loop Stoma over Divided Stoma in Case of Hirschsprung Disease
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19. Success of Loop Stoma over Divided Stoma in Case of Hirschsprung Disease

Khair Jan Habib1, Mohseena Siddiq Mansoori2 and Amnah Azim2


Objective: The aim of this study is to determine the role of truly divided stoma and loop stoma in the initial management of Hirschsprung disease.

Study Design: Descriptive/ Cross-sectional study

Place and Duration of Study: This study was conducted at the Murshid Hospital & Health Care/ NICH, Karachi. March 2021 to Dec 2021.

Materials and Methods: Total 160 patients of Hirschsprung disease were presented in this study. After obtaining informed written consent from the parents of the children detailed demographics were recorded. Children were divided in two groups. Group I received divided stoma in 80 cases and group II received loop stoma in 80 children. Outcomes among both groups were compared in terms complications and effectiveness. SPSS 21.0 was used to analyze all data.

Results: There was no any significant difference of age in both groups. In group I 50 children were males and 30 were females while in group II 42 males and 38 females. Most of the children in both groups had short segment HD. In group I 4 patients had family history of HD and in group II 3 patients had family history of HD. Post-treatment efficacy of loop stoma was higher found in 67 (83.8%) cases as compared to divided stoma in 55 (68.8%) children. Frequency of complications( bowel obstruction, Anastomotic stricture, soiling, constipation,  transition zone proximal to the splenic flexure) were higher in divided stoma found in 12 (15%) as compared to loop stoma in 8 (10%) cases. Post-operative hospitalization was lower in loop stoma 2.1±4.11 days as compared to divided stoma 5.0 ±2.6 days.

Conclusion: When compared to the divided stoma, we came to the conclusion that the Loop stoma requires less time in the hospital and has a lower risk of problems. According to the findings of our study, children with HD may benefit more from having a loop stoma than a split stoma.

Key Words: Loop Stoma, Hirschsprung Disease, Children with HD

Citation of article: Habib KJ, Mansoori MS, Azim A. Success of Loop Stoma over Divided Stoma in Case of Hirschsprung Disease. Med Forum 2023;34(2):84-88.