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22. Subjects Index January to December 2013

Azhar Masud Bhatti

Editor in Chief



Vol. 24, No. 1, January, 2013

                                ANATOMY                              Page No.

Morphological Changes after Chronic Heat Exposure on Zona Fasiculata of Adrenal Gland of Albino Rats

(Sarwat S, et al)                                                                    2

Morphological Study of Native Foramina Transversaria in the Cervical Spine (Maqbool A, et al)     33 BIO CHEMISTRY

Effect of Concept Maps on Knowledge Retention in

Dental Students (Khan I, et al)            7 SURGERY

Procedure for Prolapsed Haemorrhoids versus Excisional Haemorrhoidectomy - A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis (Shahid ZA, et al) 12 Acute Abdomen, Causes and Outcome - Experience at

DHQ Hospital Abbottabad (Saeed A, et al)                  38

Determinants of Upper Limb Amputations in a Tertiary Care Center, Pakistan (Soomro N, et al) 60 MEDICINE

Incidence of Thyroid IMA Artery in our Population

(Ullah S, et al)                                                                    17

Vitamin D Levels in OPD Patients in Teaching

Hospital, Sukkur (Soomro AA, et al)                             26

Experience of Acute Systemic Lupus Erythematosus in

Indoor and Outdoor Patients (Ansari IA, et al)            29

Effects of Combined Interferon Alpha and Ribavirin Therapy on Thyroid Functions in Patients 

with Chronic Hepatitis C, Attending Hepatitis Centre

Ghulam Mohammad Medical College Hospital, Sukkur

(Phulpoto JA, et al)                                                           44


Frequency, Risk Factors and Complications in Pregnancies Associated with Placenta Praevia (Hafeez

R, et al)                                                                                21


Histopathological spectrum of Gastric biopsies in a tertiary care hospital (Hasan SM, et al) 41 Histopathological Study of 209 Cases of Early

Abortions (Hashim Y, et al)                                            55

          OPERATIVE DENTISTRY                Page No.

Evaluation of Post Operative Pain in Single and Multi

Visit Endodontic Therapy with Rotary Instruments

(Shaikh AG, et al)                                                              49

Determination of Number of Apical Foramina in Mesial Root of Mandibular First Molar - Ex Vivo (Dall AQ, 

et al)       70            COMMUNITY MEDICINE

Effects L-Arginine on the Gastric Mucosal Cell count when given with Ibuprofen in Albino Rats under light

Microscope (Kumar S, et al) 64 Vol. 24, No. 2, February, 2013 


Diabetes Mellitus and Limb loss: An analysis from a Tertiary Care Center (Soomro N, et al)   2


Immunohistoichemical Determination of Effects of

Withania Somnifera Root Extract on Noise Stress Induced Adenohypophysis in Albino Rats (Naqvi, 

et al)                                                                                       6


Frequency        of         Demyelinating        Pattern           on

Electrophysiological Study in Patients with Diabetic  Peripheral Polyneuropathy (Iqbal J, et al) 10


Histopathological  findings  of  abdominal  hysterectomies  in  patients  presenting  with  heavy  menstrual bleeding (HMB) (Jaffar Y, et al) 14 Adolescent Menorrhagia: Causes and Evaluation

(Bokhari NA, et al)                                                            22

Role of Foleys Catheter for Pre-Induction Ripening of

Cervix (Bhatti K, et al)                                                     39

Histomorphological  Features  of  Placentae  in 

Pregnancies  Complicated  with  Intrauterine  Growth Restriction (Rehman MZ, et al) 42

A Randomized Clinical Trial of 200 Patients of Oral Vs Vaginal Misoprostol in Second Trimester Pregnancy

Termination (Usmani I, et al)            55 MEDICINE

Outcome with and without Aspiration of the Amoebic Liver Abscess at Civil Hospital, Karachi (Alam MT,  et al)      17

Occupational Exposure to Blood and Body Fluids amongst Health Care Workers in a Teaching  Hospital of the Sukkur, Sindh (Phulpoto JA,  et al)            26

The IT IT Study (The Incubation Time in Tetanus

Study) (Khan BA, et al)                                                    52


Studies  on  Effectiveness  of  DOTs  and  weekly  three  times  Treatment  of  Sputum  Positive Tuberculosis

Patients (Bhurgri GR, et al)               30  ANTHROPOLOGY

Role of Traditional Birth-practices causing Maternal and Neonatal Mortality in Faisalabad. An Anthropological Approach of Household Decision

Making (Ahmed A, et al)                                                     35