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  3. 9. Fruitful Clinical Results of LArginine Supplementation in Illnesses of Various Etiologies
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9. Fruitful Clinical Results of LArginine Supplementation in Illnesses of Various Etiologies

Saleem Ahmed Bhutto1 , Muhammad Muqeem Mangi2 , Abdullah Khilji1 , Zulfiqar Ali Bhatti1 , Rehana Guddi Siddiqui3 and Mir Khater Ali Talpur1


Objective:To evaluate pros and cons of L-Arginine supplementation as protective adjuvant against lithium hepatitis in rats.

Study Design: Experimental Study.

Place and Duration of Study: This study was conducted at the Basic Medical Sciences Institute, Jinnah Post Graduate Medical Centre, Karachi, Sindh from October 2012 to March 2013.

Materials and Methods: Sixty adult rats were selected and divided into four groups A, B, C and D with further division into three Subgroups based on periods of treatment 2, 6 and 12 weeks respectively. A was control group, B was on lithium, C was on both lithium and Arginine and group D was on Arginine alone. The initial and final body and absolute and relative liver weights of rats were recorded after scarification at the end of each treatment period. Livers were cut into 3um thick sections stained with hematoxylin and eosin for histological & morphometrical examination.

Results: The findings in groups A and D were normal while in group B animals body and liver weights were increased with morphological changes. Group C animals exhibited significant changes in body and liver weights in comparison with B animals with least inflammation and morphological changes due to L-Arginine co-administration with lithium.

Conclusion: It is suggested that lithium induced hepatic-toxicity could be attenuated with L-Arginine.

 Key Words: lithium, L-Arginine, liver, anti-oxidant, anti-platelet.

Citation of article: Bhutto SA, Mangi MM, Khilji A, Bhatti ZA, Siddiqui RG, Talpur MKA. Fruitful Clinical Results of L- Arginine Supplementation in Illnesses of Various Etiologies. Med Forum 2021;32(4):33-36.